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Rest & Reset - Issue #3

Following last week's newsletter, I set out to answer the questions posed — Who are you? What is your
Be You. Be Great.
Rest & Reset - Issue #3
By Thabang Tseboho • Issue #3 • View online
Following last week’s newsletter, I set out to answer the questions posed — Who are you? What is your Heaven & Hell?
To my surprise, the answers were not some newly found wisdom, they were the same truths I’d known for quite some time.

View of the car & cabin.
View of the car & cabin.
Above is a picture of our car at the cottage we spent our Women’s Day long weekend — Happy Women’s Day / Month to all my women readers — surrounded by nothing but peace and quiet. I doubt I understood that phrase till I’d spent time on that farm.
We spent the “morning” doing some Yoga — apparently I’m not that bad a Yoga teacher — and enjoying the breakfast that the host brought down to us in a picnic basket. After a well deserved nap I went to sit on the deck, bathed in the winter sun, and words immediately poured out:
“Heaven is waking up with purpose and spending the day in (its) pursuit. Inspiring and equipping others to do the same.”
“Living in my truth in every moment.”
“I want to embody a single truth — Be You. Be Great. — so strongly that is compels others to do the same
Books and notes.
Books and notes.
What strikes me the most about what I wrote is that all it took to bring it to the surface was stillness, and once it did, I couldn’t look away from it all. This is not a “life altering” experience in its self, but its a catalyst. I’ve learned to not look away from messages when they reoccur.
With that as fuel, I wrote on my personal version of Heaven & Hell, give it a read and let me know what your version looks like.
Thank you for reading — Be you, be great!
As a thank you for reading, here is a list of some of my favourite things I found on the internet:
  • Aminé dropped a new Album and its become my soundtrack. It also makes great road trip music.
  • I’ve found a new way of keeping notes — Roam Research — and its changing many things. I even wrote the outline for this newsletter in it. I’m using it to build a 2nd brain.
  • Not from this week, but I’ve re-subscribed/re-discovered James Clear’s newsletter and I want to raise my own to the same standard and usefulness. Subscribe to it, give it a read, and please let me know what you think I can do to make mine as good 🙏🏽 if not better 👀
  • And this apt tweet from Ezra Mokgope:
“Heaven is worked for”
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