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Fragility - Issue #19

Thabang Tseboho
Thabang Tseboho
Hey friend 👋🏽
I hope you’ve been looking after yourself.
This issue is not only late, it’s also a bit light. You might’ve noticed 1 less email in your inbox this past Sunday — I decided to delay publishing the issue.
There is a side-effect of consistency that is not spoken about often enough: fragility. When our routines and achievements begin making up a greater and greater part of who we are, we start outsourcing our sense of self and value. When we couple our self-worth with many requirements, we become brittle.
If I fail to publish on time, am I a failure? If the scale doesn’t the number I’d prefer, am I worth less?
I decided to test this out — I skipped / delayed an issue and nothing happened; the world kept spinning and no alarms rang.
When you choose to define yourself with fewer things, you do not become weak. You become lighter, nimble and agile. You sit on the waves of life instead of sinking to the bottom.
I’ll see you in the next one; be you, be great!
— Thabang

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“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better. This property is behind everything that has changed with time: evolution, culture, ideas, revolutions, political systems, technological innovation, cultural and economic success, corporate survival, good recipes, cultures, legal systems, bacterial resistance … even our own existence as a species on this planet.” — Nassim Taleb
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Thabang Tseboho
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