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Be You! Be Great! - Issue #1

I turned 28 in July, happy birthday to me, and on the other side of pre-birthday anxiety came some cl
Be You. Be Great.
Be You! Be Great! - Issue #1
By Thabang Tseboho • Issue #1 • View online
I turned 28 in July, happy birthday to me, and on the other side of pre-birthday anxiety came some clarity. What is something I’d regret not having started when the next birthday comes around?

Thabang Amongst tall objects.
Thabang Amongst tall objects.
The answer came slow at first then all at once, and a few hours later I had na inbox full of welcome emails and a bank balance that had decreased by $5; I’ve started a newsletter!
The objective for this newsletter is simple; create a space for sharing things I’ve created or discovered each week and explore those ideas together. It should be a great time.
Okay, lets kick things off.
This week I published a blog post on my personal motto, “Be you, be great”. I’ll continue to refine the idea in future posts and add examples of people living it out in the wild. You can read the minute long post here.
Things I found in the wild:
  1. Naval, the silicon value monk, has a blog post & podcast on how The Path to Peace Is Truth which helped in the creation of my most recent blog post.
  2. James Clear published a great excerpt from his book Atomic Habits, which makes for an excellent introduction into how our identities relate to our habits.
  3. I read this book by Hugh MacLeod and it set a fire under me that lead to the creation of this newsletter. Its a short read and I recommend it to anyone looking to create things to share with others.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for joining me 🙏🏽 and if you have something to discuss in this issue, hit reply and lets get to chatting.
See you soon; be you, be great!
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