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Audit. - Issue #21

Thabang Tseboho
Thabang Tseboho
Hey friend 👋🏽
Are you where you want to be? Or are you headed there?
Easter has come and gone since we last caught up. I hope it’s been a period of rest and renewal for you.
I’ve taken the last few weeks to audit my goals and values. What’s important to me and am I creating the life I want to live — not 5 years from now, but today.
The answer so far has been…… Yes! but…
For the most part I’m pleased and grateful for all that I’ve been able to do, but there’s room for shifting of energies. One such shift will come with the refocusing of my energies towards building tools for a deliberate life and documenting my own lessons in the form of writing instead of video.
I’m already on this path, but my focus was being split ineffectively — more of that in the blog post and video below.
Focus demands that we say No more often, no only to the things we want to do, but to the things we find most alluring. To lead a life of meaning, we must actively ascribe meaning to our life — daily.
What does your to-do list, calendar — your list of values — say about you?
See you next week — Be you, be great!
— Thabang

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Value Audit — Thabang Tseboho
Video of the week
Goal Review — March (2021)
Goal Review — March (2021)
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Thabang Tseboho
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