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Acceptance. - Issue #8

Thabang Tseboho
Thabang Tseboho
Hey, welcome back to the newsletter. As you might have noticed, issue #8 is arriving a week late — let me explain. September has been a difficult time for my body and mind; while I was recovering from back spams and a pinched nerve, I fell sick with a sudden cold followed by a debilitating season of anxiety.
Fortunately as I write this I’m on the mend on all fronts and feel the best I have in years — no exaggeration. Leading me to this weeks topic, “Acceptance”, the first step to any demanding journey.
Not every problem we face will have a solution, but we will always have a choice to make. A choice that can allow us to get our footing correct on the path to discovering the truth of our problems — acceptance.
This weeks story is about me accepting help with combating anxiety and the video of the week is about coming to terms with one of the most difficult realities we often face, the death of a loved one.
I hope this issue can be as cathartic for you to experience as it was for me to create. See you soon — be you, be great!

Story of the week
Acceptance — Thabang Tseboho
My mind has been my closest friend for many years. I have managed to reason away many ills and traumas; my mental will and strength has won me many battles. This same hard earned confidence is what made it all the more difficult to come to terms with my mind being unable to save itself. As my Doctor put it, “You wouldn’t tell a diabetic to suck it up and produce more insulin, so why do you expect different with matters of the brain?” read more
Quote of the week
“We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become unmanageable” — Step 1/12 in AA
Step 1/12 in AA
Step 1/12 in AA
Video of the week
This Doctor Wants to Humanize Death | Op-Docs
This Doctor Wants to Humanize Death | Op-Docs
This Doctor Wants to Humanize Death | Op-Docs
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Thabang Tseboho
Thabang Tseboho @tseboho

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